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2 in 1 Children’s Shop and Theatre

Looking for a children's shop stand? This 2 in 1 child shop and theatre will be a fantastic option. The shop is designed to be good sized and comes with 3 food crates. Turn it around and it's a puppet theatre It is finished with natural oils and beeswax. This also is great in combination with our cooktop set. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Product Dimensions: 75cm x 40cm x 120cm  Box Dimensions: 80cm x 33cm x 36cm  Weight: 17 kg

2 Tone Number Set

2 Tone Number Set – Wooden 2 Tone Number set including 20 numbers to enhance math skills. Please check out

2 Tone Stacking and Nesting Bowls

Our two-tone stacking and nesting bowls are the perfect addition to your play providing endless play opportunities. Perfect for building, stacking and sorting. All Qtoys products are made from plantation wood and non-toxic chemicals.

48 mm Wooden Balls set of 6

48 mm Wooden Balls set of 6 – A set of 6 wooden balls perfect for loose parts play and

9 Pole Puzzle


Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back you can move onto our Pole Puzzle which offers size perception, promotes concentration and encourages independence. Measures 140x140mm base

Adventure Tree House

The Big Adventure Treehouse measuring 58cm tall x 46cm wide. With multiple leavers, stairs and accessories this is the perfect treehouse to let your imagination go wild. Includes Treehouse, Car, Furniture, fences, stairs, leavers, little house and a wooden car. ** Please note: Mice & accessories are not included ** Product Dimensions: 48cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 50cm(H) – Weight: 6.2 kgs Box Dimensions: 50cm(L) x 42cm(W) x 47cm(H) – Weight: 7 kgs

Bamboo Fibre Cup – Natural

This 280 ml cup stands 9cm tall. Made from bamboo fibre which not only is strong and resilient is also made using environmentally sourced and sustainable bamboo. Measurements 8.5 cm wide x 9 cm High Ages 1+ Please note: Do not put in the microwave or oven.

Bamboo Stacking Rings

This stacker is a simply beautiful product for your kiddo to develop their hand-eye coordination skills. These brightly coloured toys are perfect to teach your little one about colours and develop their creative thinking. Open ended opportunities allowing children to explore and learn through play. Made from natural treated bamboo. Produced using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Box Dimensions: 15cm x 12cm x 8cm  Weight: 0.3 kg

BBQ Accessories

Box Dimensions: 21.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 (cm) - 0.3 kg

Bouncing Stacking Rings

This stunning stacking and bouncing rings are good choice for toddlers to have fun with colours and size. The toy features chunky pieces ( the smallest piece measures 4 cm) and bright colours. The bouncing function makes stacking more fun. This toy is made from Rubber wood ( plantation timber) and using food colouring materials, housed in an eco friendly plain carton box. Recommended age: 2+

Butterfly Hand Bag (15x15x0.5cm)

Gorgeous little hand bag for little ladies. the hand bag features adjustable string, zips, lined, with little pocket inside. All Penbird brand products are all made of 100 % cotton, handcrafted, durable and machine washable.

Butterfly knob puzzle

This butterfly puzzle is one of the series of our chunky Knob puzzles. This puzzle features good size, bright colours, great for fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination. All Qtoys are made from plantation timber using non-toxic, child-safe materials.  

Child Size Traffic Signs

This set of traffic signs is a perfect tool for children learning to ride a bike or learn about road safety. This set also great for Role play, which helps children to develop language and communication skills. It develops and promotes creativity and imagination. This resource also promotes social interactions, teaches daily routines and skills. The set includes 5 signs basic signs: STOP, GIVE WAY, 2 WAYS, CHILDREN CROSSING and a traffic light that can change lights. Some basic assembly of the road signs is required. All signs are made of solid plantation timber and child safe material.  

Coco Flower bowls set of 3

This  set includes 3 sizes of coconut bowls with a beautiful flower design. Small Bowl: 11x11x6 cm Medium Bowl: 13x13x6 cm Large Bowl: 15x15x8 cm

Coconut Sand Scoop

Our Coconut Sand Scoop is perfect for little hands ready to explore the sand and enhance there fine motor skills.

Coconut Water Scoop

Coconut Water Scoop perfect for role play and exploring water. Made from a real coconut shell and handcrafted in Vietnam.

Coloured Stacking Stones

Coloured Stacking Stones These stunning handcrafted wooden stones are coloured using food colouring. They re perfect for stacking and sorting,

Coloured Wooden Gems

Wooden Gems are a great open ended play resource providing hours of fun! These handcrafted gems measure 5-6cm approximately. Perfect for stacking, balancing; promoting hand eye coordination and stimulating sensory development.

Contrast colour stacking bowls

Product Dimensions: 13cm(L) x 13cm(W) x 21cm(H) – Weight: 0.5 kg Box Dimensions: 16cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 10cm(H) – Weight: 0.6 kg

Counting and maths set

An educational staple, this counting set supplied with small wooden balls is a terrific tool for children to learn simple mathematics. All Qtoys are made with ethically sourced materials under a fair trade scheme.  

Delicious Apple Puzzle

This raised puzzle in the apple shaped tray features bright rainbow colours and chunky pieces. The puzzle is not only great for hand-eye coordination and motor skills but also can be used as a simple building set. All Qtoys is made of plantation timber, using non-toxic materials.

Dinosaur Hatching Puzzle

Dinosaur Hatching Puzzle will entertain children and stimulate their talent when connecting the puzzle's parts and discovering small dinosaurs underneath Children will be engaging their fine motor muscles and dexterity to complete this puzzle All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Product Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 4cm  Box Dimensions: 32cm x 32cm x 6cm  Weight: 1 kg

Dragonfly handbag

A cute little dragonfly handbag for your young ones, it's made from cotton and it's lined with nylon. Completely machine washable, perfect for times when your kids want to carry some of their own belongings!

Farm Animal Play Set & Puzzle

A puzzle includes 6 farm animals that can be used by younger children to enhance hand-eye coordination skills and as an animal play set for older kids, as each animal can also stand on its own! All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.