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Bamboo Sorting Trays

Product Dimensions: Large Tray: 40x8x4 cm/ Medium Tray: 30x7x3 cm/ Small Tray: 20x6x2.5 cm Bag Dimensions: 40x14x5 (cm)

Bamboo Tongs

Made from strong bamboo these beautiful handcrafted tongs are perfect for loose parts play and encouraging fine motor skills. Using tongs can strength children's fingers in preparation for holding a pencil and scissors in preschool/school age. Measuring 25cm long

Bamboo Water Mill

Open ended opportunities allowing children to explore and learn through play. It will give children an interactive activity they can enjoy outdoors. Experiment with water flow speed, a great science tool as well as a sensory experience Made from natural treated bamboo. Produced using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Product Dimensions: 50cm x 47cm x 10cm  Box Dimensions: 55cm x 30cm x 12cm  Weight: 1.5 kg

BBQ Accessories

Box Dimensions: 21.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 (cm) - 0.3 kg

BBQ Food

The perfect addition to role play and pretend kitchen. Set of 3 wooden slices of meat to enhance your child's imagination.

Bunting Flags

Ideal accessory for Tee Pees or just adding some decoration around the house. Made from cotton with 5 different colored flags. Each flag is 10cm wide and 11 long and the total length is approximately 2m long. Ages 3+

Child Bamboo Cup With Straw

An Eco friendly choice, our reusable bamboo cup. Polished smooth for a beautiful look. Handcrafted by artisans. Includes Cup, Straw and Cleaner

Child Size Traffic Signs

This set of traffic signs is a perfect tool for children learning to ride a bike or learn about road safety. This set also great for Role play, which helps children to develop language and communication skills. It develops and promotes creativity and imagination. This resource also promotes social interactions, teaches daily routines and skills. The set includes 5 signs basic signs: STOP, GIVE WAY, 2 WAYS, CHILDREN CROSSING and a traffic light that can change lights. Some basic assembly of the road signs is required. All signs are made of solid plantation timber and child safe material.  

Coco sensory scoop

Our Coco sensory Scoop is perfect for open ended play. This  scoop is a must have addition for sand play, water play or sorting and counting activities.

Coconut Colander

Coconut Colander Please check out other similar products Youtube channel Follow Us on Instagram Follow Us on Facebook

Coconut Wood Bowl

A coconut wood bowl perfect for your loose parts play and sensory play. Measuring 90*90*50m. Suitable for ages 3+

DIY wooden eggs

Want to keep little hands busy and spark their creativity? This DIY coloring eggs set is a perfect gift! The set includes 12 wooden eggs that are sanded, smooth and ready to be painted or left natural! These can also be a great alternative to chocolate eggs at Easter, as they can be reused for years to come. All Qtoys are made from plantation timber, using non-toxic, child safe materials.

Doll Kitchen set

This cute little kitchen set pairs perfectly with dollhouses and our other Doll furniture sets! Featuring a sink, a fridge and a cooktop, this set will encourage young imaginations to thrive. Qtoys products are made from sustainably sourced timber, are handmade with care and are not just great for your little ones, but great for the environment too.  

Doll Playground Set

Hand crafted wooden swing, see-saw and slide. This set is made of recycled branches of rubber trees in a country style. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic. Box Dimensions: 24x17x8 (cm) – 0.5kg

Gnome Log Train

This wooden log train is ideal for both boys and girls to play with A set comes with 4 wooden log train that would perfectly fit our wooden gnome. Kids get an option to either use it as a toy train or take it apart and to play as a car. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using non toxic materials. Product Dimensions: 58cm x 9cm x 5cm  Box Dimensions: 13.5cm x 25cm x 13cm  Weight: 2 kg  

Gnome’s House

A complete gnome house play set for role play and imaginative play. The multi-level set comes with 4 wooden figures and assorted furniture. All housed in a wooden box for storage after play. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials!  

Gnomes Resort

Multicoloured resort layout that allows a lot of imaginative play Can be used with all kinds of figurines and characters for extra fun Provides the opportunity for your little one to let his or her creativity flow Even features a giant pool in the middle of the resort, with lounge chair pieces and sun umbrellas in various vibrant shades to jazz up the whole look All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Suitable for children over three years of age - great for day care centres, kindergartens, and home play. Product Dimensions: 40cm x 27cm x 3cm  Box Dimensions: 45cm x 40cm x 10cm  Weight: 2 kg

Hanging Bee House

Hanging Bee House A beautiful little house to invite bees into your garden creating the opportunity for nature learning. Measuring

Heart shape plate set 3pce

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Hen Life Cycle Puzzle

Bee Life Cycle Hive – A beautiful puzzle introducing children to life cycles. Our hen life cycle puzzle provides hand

Jumbo Castle Building Set

Handcrafted in Vietnam, this solid-wood castle building set is truly an heirloom toy. The set (50x36x25cm high) includes a working drawbridge, arched doorways, castle walls, and 2 ladders. Pieces can be rearranged to build any number of creative castle structures. (Gnomes and Fairyhouse are sold separately)  

Jute Doll Basket

Jute Doll Basket Firstly, a divine jute doll basket which is ideal to use as a child’s dolls/ fruit/ vegetable

Jute Doll Bassinet


Our Jute Doll Bassinet features a wooden base and stand with a Jute Basket. Perfect height for children to role play and use their imaginations with their dolls and teddy bears.

Measures 75cm to top of basket x 30cm wide

Doll & blanket not included

Lady Bug House

A great new addition to your outdoor space inviting insects and ladybugs to your garden for children to see in nature. Measuring 13cm x 8cm x 24cm