Tree colour pencil set

A beautiful set of 10 tree coloured pencils in a container for easy storage. Each of the pencil is 10 cm long and holder size: 9x9x5 cm

Steiner Inspired Maths Learning wheel

The Steiner inspired math learning wheel is perfect for introducing children to numbers and math. Designed as a tool for children to learn and practice their times tables as well as creating beautiful patterns. The Steiner inspired math wheel is not only for older children who are learning multiplication but younger children can use this to make patterns and count. This will allow them to build up their fine motor skills and dexterity. This product includes a Learning wheel Size 250*250*55mm, cord and activity cards for children to engage with. This product is suitable for children ages 3+

Sorting Ring Toss

A fun childhood game to encourage learning through play. The Sorting ring toss features 6 rainbow colours and matching rings

Rattan Round table and 2 stools

Our newest range of rattan homewares handcrafted in Vietnam. Children’s Table made from rattan and finished with a soil timber

Natural Wooden Stacking Stones

Our natural and non toxic stacking stones are perfect for open ended play. Offering opportunities to learn about balancing, gravity, motor skills and hand eye coordination. These beautiful wooden stacking stones made from rubber wood measuring approximately largest 180x180x180mm , smallest 60x60x18mm. This set includes 10 natural balancing stacking stones suitable for ages 2+    

Child Rattan Chair

Our New Rattan collection handcrafted in Vietnam. This listing is for 1 Child rattan chair (no cushions included). Measuring 68cm

Bamboo Sorting Trays

Product Dimensions: Large Tray: 40x8x4 cm/ Medium Tray: 30x7x3 cm/ Small Tray: 20x6x2.5 cm Bag Dimensions: 40x14x5 (cm)

Alphabet Threading Set

A set of 26 double sided alphabet wooden threading, perfect for hand eye coordination while learning letter recognition.

Adult Rattan Chair

Our New Rattan collection handcrafted in Vietnam. This listing is for 1 adult chair (no cushions included). Measuring 88cm H


3D sorting and nesting board

Inspired from Montessori, this sorting, nesting and stacking board is an all in one learning toys for toddlers. The toy features beautiful bright colors and a sturdy good size box for little hands. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials.

Crocheted cow

This multicoloured crocheted cow makes a fantastic cuddly toy for your young ones!

Crocheted Giraffe

This cute crocheted Giraffe will be a nice cuddling toy for young boys and girls. Ages 1+

Farm Animal Play Set & Puzzle

A puzzle includes 6 farm animals that can be used by younger children to enhance hand-eye coordination skills and as an animal play set for older kids, as each animal can also stand on its own! All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.

Gnome Log Train

This wooden log train is ideal for both boys and girls to play with! A set comes with 4 wooden log train that would perfectly fit our wooden gnome. Kids get an option to either use it as a toy train or take it apart and to play as a car. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using non toxic materials.  

Hardwood baby High chair

This classic wooden high chair blends well with any décor and is beautifully crafted from eco-friendly, acacia timber. Wooden high chairs are warmer and more inviting than their ordinary plastic high chair counterparts. This well-made and durable solid timber high chair comes complete with a five point safety harness and complies with Australian/NZ standards of safety. The simple and elegant design has rounded edges and corners with a non-toxic finish making it easy clean. foot width: 50 cm seat height: 55 cm tray height from ground: 73 cm. Classic baby high chair: Farthest point from tray to back seat will be 25 cm and closest point: is 21 cm.  

Light tree log houses set of 4

Set of 4 beautifully crafted wooden fairy homes. Stepping stones not included. Box Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 12 (cm) Weight: 1.6 kgs

Little Elli

Little Elli is a crocheted multicolored elephant which would make a fantastic cuddly toy for young ones!

Roller Coaster Cart

The Roller coaster toy is a safe and fun toy for toddlers to develop hand eye coordination and eye tracking. The size of this toy has been carefully designed to make play as comfortable and effective for the child as possible. This toy also has wheels, which is a bonus function as a pull along. All Qtoys products are made with plantation timber using non toxic child safe materials.  

Tree Castle Blocks 75 Piece

This set of natural tree blocks contains assorted natural tree blocks, flags and dolls, ready for little people to let their imagination go wild! The set is housed in a cotton bag for easy storage and a fast clean up. All blocks are finished with plant-based oil making it both friendly for the environment and perfectly safe for your little ones. Please note that the Gnomes aren't included in this set, but they're available for purchase! Just type "251" into the search bar to find them. Box Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 20 (cm) - 4 kgs  

Tree House Complex

This tree house complex set will bring children to the imaginative world. The set is more than just a tree house, it's a play complex, a 'city' with buildings and houses. The set comes with 2 dolls and furniture too. Our tree toys series is made of Lychee wood (recycled cut down trees when it is no longer productive for fruit harvest) and acacia wood, using non toxic, child safe materials.  


This educational wooden clock is made according to the structure of a real clock. It comes with a button at the back, which kids can turn to see how the clock works. Best of all, there is printed hints to show young mind, which position call o'clock, half past etc... Kids will have lots of fun setting the time and changing it. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.  

Wooden Cottage Houses

Set of 2 Wooden Cottages with beautiful textured roofs.

Wooden Pirate ship

This Wooden Pirate ship comes with 2 dolls, and accessories. The item is 100% handmade from Acacia and Lychee wood, very sturdy and made to last. All Qtoys products are made from plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials.
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