Quins Group is a Melbourne-based, Australian owned company which was established in 2005. For over 15 years Quins Group has been designing and manufacturing Eco friendly products from educational toys, teaching equipment to children’s furniture under the brand name Qtoys. Our products have been sold nationwide, as well as internationally in countries such as the USA, the UK, Singapore, Taiwan and the Phillipines.


We believe that children’s mental and physical development should also happen outside of school in a fun, enjoyable way. That’s why our products are designed in a way which allows kids to learn skills such as reasoning and critical thinking and develop a self-learning attitude. Our toys also promote environmental awareness for young minds as it connects them to the nature and can provoke a curiousity of all things natural and beautiful.


QToys complies with the highest safety standards for toys. QToys is produced for the Australian market and strictly complies with Australian and New Zealand toy safety standards. Additionally, some of QToys’ products also have an ASTM cerficate which means that they have been tested by qualified testing organizations according to the American safety standards for toys. Please refer to our certificates page.


The conceptual founding of QToys owes itself to Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed. We want QToys to be a play-based method of early childhood education, alternative to formal schooling.

We embed our early learning philosophy in the logo Q: you will see in the logo a seagull embracing the globe and the sun shining on earth from behind her wings. A child with imagination is as free a spirit as is a seagull. Children’s imagination is powerful. Like the wings of a seagull, imagination can bring the child to seashores beyond your imagination! But as a parent, you should not worry. Children learn through imagination. Nurturing your child’s imagination helps your child to learn. Learning is like the sun rays shining on your child’s world and brightening their future. QToys aims to help you nurture your child’s imagination.

Growing over the years, our design team now includes artists, teachers, engineers and industrial designers. All share the passion to create toys for children to learn through play. Our expertises and experiences help us to blend the educational value of toys, fun and childhood imagination with high quality timber design.

Educational value is the strength of QToys products. Every design of QToys has a specific educational function in order to foster children’s physical and mental development.


QToys’ products have very high quality finishes thanks to the excellent craftsmanship which accounts for eighty percent of the production. Each product is therefore a craft, which leaves long-lasting satisfaction for the children playing with our toys.

Handcrafted individually, each of the products has its own unique look and charm. This also contributes to the beauty and special features of each toy.

We always put the safety of playing first in designing, developing and making QToys. Over 80% of our toys now use food color dye to ensure the highest safety standards for our little users. All of our toys are either finished with plant based oils ( linseed oil) or beeswax.

90% of QToys’ products are made from natural plantation timber. Our job is to reveal and amplify the beauty of the nature and bring this beauty to life.


QToys’ products are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen. QToys do not employ and exploit unskilled workers in production lines in poorly equipped factories as sometimes reported in the plastic toy industry. QToys ensure that highly skilled workers who work with us always get a fair deal. The factory that manufacture Qtoys offer jobs to disabled people who want to have a stable job to be independent. These workers are offered training and entitled to all benefits as any other workers in the factory.


Climate change is the greatest threat to human health, causing severe storms, rising sea levels and an increase in bush and forest fires. All these natural disasters are occurring more and more frequently due to climate change, which came to be a problem due to the amount of greenhouse gases being released and the amount of rainforests being cut down.

We believe in a simple solution: plant more trees, and use more timber products.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide to form timber and release oxygen into the atmosphere during photosynthesis.

Timber is therefore a natural storage of carbon dioxide until it burns or decays.

If we plant more trees, and use more timber products, we will keep carbon dioxide in the timber and out of the atmosphere to give our planet the time it needs to recover. Carbon dioxide can be stored in wooden products and furniture for about 30 years until it decomposes or is burnt.

QToys’ products are made from plantation timber of rubber and acacia trees. Plantation rubber trees are taped for natural latex, which still supplies one quarter of rubber used in our modern world. Old plantation rubber trees are cleared to grow the young ones. Acacia trees are planted by farmers in Vietnam to prevent soil erosion and to supply the paper industry.

We recycle plantation rubber and acacia wood into our products. Plantation timber gives Q Toys the natural beauty of wood patterns, while leaving unharmed natural forests.

We also love Bamboo, which has been long famous for its sustanability. QToys bamboo ranges are perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

If we all work together, we can stop climate change and provide a better future for our children and the generations to come.