Some of our toys may have strong smell when it is just open. This is because the toys are packed once it was just oiled and the ordour is retained in the package. This ordour, however, will vanish after a few days.

Please contact your seller first regarding these issues. They can work directly with you  for a satisfactory resolution. if you haven’t heard from them after 3 business days, please email to with the images of damaged/defected products, stockist ‘s name and your address. We will process the claim accordingly


Our postage charges vary depending on your location, weight and size of the products purchased. For a quote please contact our friendly staff.

Delivery will depend on the courier. If you have order in stock and ready to ship products we try our best to have these shipped out within 24-48 hours.

Yes, after the payment is made. Please inform our team at least 6 hours before pick up.

Once you order is placed we will send you an invoice for your payment to made (unless you checkout using paypal). Once payment is received we will process, pack and ship your order.

All wholesale customers will receive invoices and retail customers will also if they chose to checkout out with anything other than paypal.


Please contact our team on and

Our friendly staff will assist you with your inquiry.

Yes, please contact our staff to do so. As long as your order hasn’t been dispatched we can assist with changing or cancelling your order.


Our Minimum order quantity is $500 on your first order and all orders following need to meet a $250 AUD minimum

Our staff will invoice you with your order and shipping costs added. Once you receive this invoice you can make payment either via bank transfer or credit card.

Some products may appear to be out of stock. We try our best to restock regularly and ask that you follow us on Instagram for the updates on when our releases will take place.

If your order doesn’t contain any preorder products we try our best to have it shipped out within 48 hours from payment received.

Please be aware during Covid-19 these times may be effect to up to 2 weeks.

We normally send you an invoice including postage within 24 hours since the order is received. If you still haven’t received your invoice within this time frame, please email us to: or