Wooden Fences – Set of 4

A perfect addition to any animal themed set, these fences are a perfect prop for a farm or outdoor setting! This set comes with 4 separate fences, so they can be moved around into any configuration. All Qtoys are ethically sourced and made under a fair trade scheme.

Square low table

This beautiful low table is designed for children to have free play sitting comfortably on the floor. The table can used for eating, arts and crafts. This table can be also used as a coffee table and makes a nice setting in the house with some cushions. The price is for the table only. Cushions are listed separately on our web site. All Qtoys products are made from plantation timber, using non toxic, child safe materials. Size: 100 x 100 x 28 cmmaterials

Solid Wooden Service Station

This is a simple yet solid service station model with 4 cars, and 2 petrol bowsers. The whole station is made of solid timber promising to last for generation to come! This is a great play set for both boys and girls. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber using non toxic child safe materials. Dimension: 40 x 60 x 20 cm high The set comes assembled and ready to use!

Round Divided Feeding Tray

This beautiful four-component wooden tray is great for sorting and sensory play or can be used for feeding. The tray is made of Acacia wood finished with beeswax.

Round Bamboo Basket

Beautiful handcrafted bamboo basket. This is a great storage solution for natural resources and toys. Also can be used as a fruit basket. Box size: 30 x 30 x 15cm

Rainbow Nesting Blocks

A perfect, well-rounded all-in-one building set for children. Contains hollow blocks in various shapes and beautiful colours. Great for sorting, nesting and building activities with unlimited potential. Made from plantation timber and non-toxic paints making them 100% safe and good for the earth too!

Natural Number Puzzle

Stunning number puzzle in a natural tone. The simplicity has not only reveal the beauty of the timber but also make it less distract to the child . All Qtoys products are made out of the plantation timber using non toxic child safe materials.

Natural maths set with Ruler

Beautiful sets of natural tree blocks designed for children to learn mathematics. The set includes 30 wooden tree blocks ranging from 1cm to 10cm. The set also comes with a natural wooden ruler for the player to identify the size of each block. Bring nature into the classroom and reinforce key maths concepts at the same time! A great set to practice with basic number sense, addition and subtraction, and fractions. The set is conveniently housed in a cotton bag. All Qtoys products are made of plantation timber using non-toxic, child safe materials. This set contains recycled Lychee wood blocks. The dimension of the blocks can be various.

Natural Lowercase puzzle

Natural coloured puzzle for children to develop fine motor skills while learning their alphabet. Puzzles are great for encouraging children to develop sorting skills, fine motor, problem solving skills and categorizing during play.  

Montessori Sorting Trays set of 3

This set of 3 Montessori sorting trays is perfect for loose parts play and storage.  

Montessori Sand Tray

This Montessori sand tray is a great tool for children to develop their writing skills. The tray can be filled with sand, color sand, rice, salt.... for tracing activity. The tray also comes with a removable wiping tool. This tray is not only a great tool for numeracy and literacy development, but will also provide a fun, sensorial experience Measures 34cm length x 25cm width x 5cm depth. Suitable for ages 2+ years. For dry use only. All Qtoys are made out of plantation timber using non-toxic and child-safe materials.   ** Tray & Wiping tool only, contents in image not included**

Montessori rings activity

Promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while exploring the ring activity. Post the rings through the centre and watch them appear out the other side.

Mahogany Pot and Pan Set

This is a must-have for kitchen play. The set include everything you need for kitchen play: 1 pot with lid, a sauce pan, 2 kitchen utensils. All made of Mahogany wood, beeswax finish. All materials used are non toxic and child safe.

Lock Activity Board

An invitation to play, enhancing sensory-motor skills and hand coordination. Our lock board includes 6 locks and doors to keep

Jumbo Wooden Eggs

Jumbo Wooden eggs perfect for painting and craft to then use in your home corner or pretend play.

Jumbo Natural Rainbow Blocks 86 pcs

This stunning set of rainbow blocks will be one of the best buy you make for your little one. The set comprises 86 chunky wooden blocks, stained with food grade color dyes. This set opens to endless possibility of play, from learning fractions and maths with the circles, to bilding activities,  color matching... All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber  using non toxic, child safe materials. Box dimension: 55 x 43 x 7 cm. The cube measures 4 x 4 cm x 4 cm

Japanese Tea Set

Beautiful mahogany wood tea set with four cups and four plates. Beeswax finished. Mahogany trees are grown around Rubber plantations

Hardwood Rectangular Table with 2 Standard Chairs

$369.90 $329.90
Set of 120 cm long rectangular table with 2 hard wood standard chairs. The set is made of Acacia hardwood, stained and oiled. Chair: 27 x 26 x 59.5 cm Seat height: 28.5 cm 2 chairs/carton table: 60 x 120 x 50 cm high.

DIY wooden eggs

Want to keep little hands busy and spark their creativity? This DIY coloring eggs set is a perfect gift! The

Australian Wildlife and Landscape

This beautiful landscape featuring Australian animals. This special design was created to help raise funds for the Australian Bushfires, $5 from every purchase will be donated to a worthy cause.

2 tone zig zag racing cars

Drop the cars on the racks and enjoy watching them race down the board! This toy is fun and attractive for kids of all ages, but is recommended for ages 3 and up! The toy is made very solid to ensure to last. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.