What is the transporting schema?

The transporting schema is described as patterns of repeated behavior which allows children to explore ideas and thoughts through play. A child displaying transporting schema may enjoy filling bags, baskets and buckets, moving the objects to and from one another.

How can you support this play?

Sometimes you may become frustrated as children move objects from one side of the room to another. However if you are providing an environment to enhance this play and development you will create sections for this play to take place.

Some great activities to follow your child’s lead with the transporting schema include:

  • Providing an area with loose parts and tools such as tongs, scoops and bowls for them to transport the parts.
  • Supply resources such as bags, baskets, prams and trolleys that can be used to transport objects.
  • Water and sensory play with scoops, measuring cups, bowls and buckets can provide lots of opportunity for children.
  • Simple tasks such as packing away toys and putting rubbish in the bin can be satisfying for a child who displays the transporting schema.

As parents we should try our best to not prevent this play but encourage and follow our child’s interests even if this does include dumping and carrying around toys and objects to different parts of the play area

–Written by Ashley Jennings