Today we pulled out our @qtoysaustralia Coconut Sensory Box & it’s safe to say it’s going to be one of our fav items.

But, it’s just a BOWL!? I hear you screaming. I promise you guys, it’s so much more.

I’m a big fan of simple is best. Simple doesn’t tell your child what to do, which limits their brain development and scope of imagination. Simple encourages the child to make use of it. To make it work for them. To decide what it is. This is child led play. This is child led learning. This is powerful.

Just to prove my point in case, Arlo literally ran when he saw this set up & his first reaction? He reached to the back, picked up that coconut bowl & hugged it! 😆 #instantlove #obviouslyjustwhathewaslookingfor

He then proceeded to fill it. Carefully selecting the items he thought were best. He tipped everything out more times than I can count and I’m not going to lie, things got real messy! #justbreathemama
He walked around the house adding things to it, ventured outside with it to collect leaves & grass & hid it from us all with some of his special cars in it #meanwhiletheresriceeverywhere #doesntcareimtryingtotakepictures #okseriouslywheredidyouputit

Peek-a-boo! Ah yes, bowl returned — told you it could be anything!
Arlo even tested it out as an asteroid hurtling through space at one point ☄️ 😳 (cudos to the designers! It held strong 💪🏻)

One of the things I love best about this open-ended toy is its ability to give interest to any activity.
✨ Fill it with water & it can be a feeding trough or pool in small world play.
✨ Add play silks & various items for a ‘guess the object’ game.
✨ Add different textures for a sensory experience.
✨ Take items in & out for a sorting task.
✨ Use it as a counting bowl.
✨ Store your child’s prize possessions in it.
✨ Take it on an nature adventure outside to collect things in.
✨ Use as a scoop in water play

✨ Steal it and make your Acai bowl in it, mamas! 🙊
Sometimes we forget the value in buying something that’s simple. Forget that this is what our children really need — simplicity brings so much with it.

Written by Brittany

2 Tone Stacking and Nesting Bowls

Our two-tone stacking and nesting bowls are the perfect addition to your play providing endless play opportunities. Perfect for building, stacking and sorting. All Qtoys products are made from plantation wood and non-toxic chemicals.

Coconut Sensory Box

Our sensory box has been designed for children to engage and explore sensory play. Children can use their imagination with such an open ended product allowing them to develop fine motor, imaginative and sensory skills.
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Coconut Wood Bowl

A coconut wood bowl perfect for your loose parts play and sensory play. Measuring 90*90*50m. Suitable for ages 3+
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